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Museveni should help us since the government has failed – Angry parents.

2020-03-03T10:23:28Z -661 views
by our Reporter March 03, 2020

Aggrieved parents of students stuck in the lockdown province of Wuhan which is at the Centre of China’s coronavirus outbreak have attacked the government for deliberately neglecting their own citizens ‘students’ whose lives are in danger.

While speaking to journalists at Speke Hotel in Kampala on Thursday, the parents led by a one Dr Cecilia Oyet accused

government of failing to financially support the students and yet they pledged to do so. “The government openly pledged to help our students in China but up today our children are suffering and locked in their rooms,” Dr Cecilia said.

It should be remembered that on 14th February 2020, the health minister Dr Jane Ruth Achieng in her statement

to Parliament, said that the government would not evacuate the students and all Ugandans trapped in China urging that it will be against the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for the government to evacuate the citizens from China especially students in Wuhan University, in Hobei region. But would instead work with the Chinese government through the Ugandan Mission in Beijing to provide socio-economic support to the students and promised to send about Shs220 million to them.

Dr Oyet, however says that the two weeks have elapsed and the said money has not been sent to students and that no official communication has been given and yet the living conditions in China are now more expensive and unbearable since food is even scarce.

“Ever since the Minister pledged that the government is going to help us to support our children in China, nothing has been done, the healthy condition in China worsens day and night, food is scarce and hard to get. Our children are in danger,”Dr Oyet said.

Ugandan students have been sending messages of serious concern over lack of food and other supplies after being confined in hostels.

The parents have now appealed to President Museveni to intervene and are demanding that the relevant ministries meet them so that they can iron out some issues.

“If the government has failed to help us then let our president help us, we humbly request president Museveni to help us rescue our children because we cannot do it at our own,” Dr Oyet.

It was first reported that there are only 67 Ugandan students in China offering different courses but according to the angry parents, they revealed that over hundred students are suffering from Coronavirus in Chinese city of Wuhan.






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